Bleu de Gex

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Bleu de Gex

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Product Description

An uncooked, unpressed blue-veined cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk presented as a wheel with round, convex sides and flat surfaces with an average weight of 7.5kg. The cheese has a fat content of at least 50%.

Blue-veined cheese


This cheese originates from the Massif des Monts du Jura, precisely, the Haut-Jura, straddling the departments of Ain and Jura.

The origins of Bleu de Gex date back to the 14th century, on the arrival of the monks of Dauphiné who settled in the Haut-Jura at the Abbey of Saint-Claude and brought with them their knowledge and expertise in blue cheese making. It, thereafter, took the name of Bleu de Gex. It is also called Bleu du Haut-Jura or Bleu de Septmoncel.


The production remains very traditional. The curd obtained after the renneting of the milk at 27°C is then cut, mixed and shaped. All these steps are still done by hand.

The dry salting, which is done over several days gives the rind and the cheese a very special texture. The sowing is done in a cool and humid cave where the Bleu de Gex rests for a minimum of 3 weeks. The aging process (maturation) continues for a period of 2 to 3 months.

Sensory journey

Fine rind, dry, yellowish white and slightly floury, with occasional spots of red, creamy-white cheese, fairly well distributed with blue-green marbling.

  • Look : Creamy and slightly crumbly
  • Smell :  Faint odour
  • Taste : Mild with a hint of hazelnuts and mushrooms

In brief

  • Region : Haut-Jura
  • Producer : Fromagerie Seignemartin
  • Milk : Raw cow’s milk
  • Fat scale  - 29%

Wine and Cheese Pairing

It is a cheese for the end of a meal. Because of its light and subtle taste, it is best to serve it alongside other cheeses on a cheese board.

It can also be used in culinary preparations: fondues, gratins dauphinois and raclettes.

Its best seasons are summer, autumn and winter.

This cheese pairs well with red wines from the Bordeaux and Côtes du Rhône wine regions, as well as the red and rosé wines of the Jura. You can also taste it with a sweet white wine, to enjoy a balanced sweet and salty sensation.


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