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This cheese is distinguished by it’s unique Saint Jacques shell shape. It is an unpasteurised goat’s milk cheese from lactic curd created by the Etoile du Quercy cheesemakers situated in Lot, on the Pilgrim’s Way. This fine cheese is sold exclusively in cheese shops.

The goats


The cheese takes its name from the famous pilgrimage and its world famous paths

The Causse is karstic and has good drainage. The dominant vegetation is that of the downy oak, characteristic of the calcareous landscape during dry periods. It consists of a succession of sparse thickets and short grass enduring a summer drought. The crops (fodder, grains and legumes) are concentrated in richer valleys and lands for mechanisation.


The fine white velvety crust reveals the embossed design of a Saint-Jacques shell. Its mix is creamy, white and somewhat crumbly in the centre

Le Compostelle has a fine and melting texture, with a great taste of fresh milk and a delicate aroma of goats’ milk which is increased when ripening.

Sensory Journey

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En Bref

  • Region : Lot
  • Produceur : Etoile du Quercy
  • Milk : Raw goat
  • Fat scale - %

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Tasting advice:

  • Take it out of your refrigerator 1 hour before consumption in order to experience its softness and flavour.
  • Ideal for brightening up a cheese plate, it can also be consumed with salad or just melted on toast.
  • It goes perfectly with fruit (tomatoes, apricots, figs), honey and dried fruit.

Accompanying wines : Goats’s cheeses are best accompanied with dry white wines from the Sauvignon grape such as a Sancerre, a Pouilly fumé or even a Menetou Salon.


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